Convert Polish Zloty to Japanese Yen

100 Polish Zloty (PLN) = 2822.7 Japanese Yen (JPY)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 11:06 AM

100 PLN =
2822.7 JPY

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PLN – Polish zloty

The Polish zloty (symbol: zł; currency code: PLN) is the official currency of Poland. One (1) Polish zloty is equal to one hundred (100) groszy.

The zloty is issued by the National Bank of Poland.

During the Middle Ages, the term “zloty” was used in Poland to refer to gold coins of foreign origin. The zloty was introduced as the country’s official currency in 1924, before being replaced by a new zloty in 1950. The currency which is currently in circulation was adopted on January 1, 1995, after the redenomination of the previous zloty.

JPY – Japanese yen

The Japanese yen (symbol: ¥; currency code: JPY) is the official currency of Japan. The yen is the fourth largest reserve currency in the world, the third most traded currency in the forex market, and the most traded currency in Asia.

The yen was adopted as the official currency of Japan in 1871, replacing Tokugawa coinage.